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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Monday, January 15, 2018

January Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Two)


Time to write that new chapter
In your life
New adventures
New journey's to be enjoyed
And discovered
All awaiting for
Us to discover!

Sliding in
To the New year!
Frosty weather
Waiting to melt into our hearts
A brand new chapter
Of life
Waiting to be lived and enjoyed!

January 8~ Good morning Monday! Another toss and turn night. But....I did sleep slightly better. Thank you Lord. Sure don't want to get up. Happy birthday to you Bob! Hope your day is great! Didn't make it to pain management today. Thank you for coffee invite....sorry I can't make it. So instead I decided to brave a trip to Beaverton (the other side of the world.) Going there wasn't to bad. Was so excited to see my friend and spend part of the day with her. Hair colored and looking gorgeous. You are doing awesome! Thank you for lunch beautiful lady. Continued prayers of healing. Going home from Beaverton was quite the adventure. Boy did I get twisted. Instead of heading home......I somehow managed to be heading towards Seattle. Then lost in downtown Portland. Back on wrong freeway heading again towards Seattle. Crossed Glen Jackson Bridge and still heading towards Seattle. Oh not good! End up somewhere on Albina St. Then got lost again. Finally about an hour later I was safe and sound where I belong. Thankful to have made it through the maze of missed turns and wrong freeways,and roadways. What a crazy adventure.....unplanned. Meds, gas, and home safely would be the true blessing of the day. Thankful for safe travels. Thankful for hot showers. Thankful for my leftovers for dinner. Thankful for my laundry getting done. Thankful for my quiet late afternoon and evening. Feeling very blessed and watched over today with traveling mercies and the angels of the Lord. So grateful! Thank you for another day filled with with abundant blessings. Thank you Lord! Blessings

January 9~ Good morning grey, wet rainy skies. Pull covers up over my head. Thinking a few more winks before I get up would be great. Morning coffee and sweet rolls along with morning prayers. Wishing the sun would break through the drab dark grey skies. Looks like I will be staying in today. Was hoping to get my hair done. But my hairdresser is out until this weekend. Bummer! Yeah! A break in the rain. Think I will plant some of my bulbs in the garden. Mom sent home iris bulbs with me at Thanksgiving. I also had bulbs that Tanina Cossimina Giarrusso gave me. All are planted now. Hope they grow. Spring will bring a pretty garden full of flowers. Back in from the damp wet drizzly weather. Sitting next to my cozy warm fireplace wrapped in my blanket. Thank you Lord for your hand upon this day. For the break in the weather to plant my bulbs. For the warmth of my home to snuggle in. Thankful for the the quiet that soothes my soul. Thank you for the gift of another day to gives thanks for. Blessings

January 10~ Early morning rise and shine. My beautiful drive out to Oregon City along the river road, that I just love. Crazy rainy drive out there today. Heading out to my hair appointments. Love those happy smiles. Delia turned 96 yesterday. WOW! Happy birthday! The drive home much drier. Thank goodness! Sherilynn Ganther came over today...then we went over to see our friend in Beaverton. You are looking great my beautiful friend. Washed her hair for her. Then we all had a very yummy lunch and great visit. The home made chicken noodle soup was excellent. Thank you for having us over. Drive home not near as crazy as the one I did on Monday. But lots of traffic. Sheri thank you for driving. Costco called...glasses are ready for me to pick up. New lenses and I can see. Yeah! Today I'm thankful for being able to to bring smiles of beauty to three amazing beautiful ladies. Thankful to be able to spend time this afternoon with two of my friends. Thankful for my gummy bears I love to snack on. Thankful for my new fuzzy warm blanket. Thankful for my Mary Kay order arrival on my porch today. Thank you Lord for another day filled with unexpected gifts and treasures to fill my day. Blessings

January 11~ So nice to not have to get up when its still dark outside. Good morning world! Coffee time and prayers. A slow start to my day. Dreaming of sunshine and warmer days. Seems I'm a basket of emotions and a water facet today. Not my favorite kinda day at all. Glad the Lord holds my tears; as they are diamonds to him. Need to get myself pulled together for afternoon appointment. This water facet needs a turn off switch. Thankful for for some distractions. Today Lord I'm thankful for for hot coffee, and a temporary curling iron until I replace the one that snapped in half. I'm thankful for puzzles to distract. I'm thankful for music that fills the room and the soul. I'm thankful for your grace and mercy. I'm thankful for days that may not make sense and friends with smiles and laughter. I'm thankful that even on days when I'm an emotional wreck you hold my hand and whisper in my ear that I am enough and I'm loved by you. I'm even grateful that on this crazy stormy wet rainy day you shine on me with your perfect peace and love that shines even on the darkest days upon me. Thank you Lord for your unconditional love that wraps around me even in my emotional dark lonely days, when my water facet runs non stop. I love you! Blessings

January 12~ Even being retired I look forward to Fridays, Good morning as we slide right into the weekend. Today is going to be a full day. David is coming over to top the trees out front. That should cover the entire day. So must get this day started. Get dressed coffee some prayers. Yep! All the important things. Dang hair!A really bad hair day! I need a haircut so bad. Hairdresser is at a funeral today. Sad tragedy and such a loss at a young age, leaving young ones behind. So sad for those who lost their loved one. Lord be with them and bring them comfort especially her twin daughters. Life is short. Tomorrow isn't promised.Please hug and say I love you often to those you love. Live life fully and completely without regret. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn't promised, today is here and fleeting quickly. Live for this moment in time and create the memories that will be cherished a live time. Hold onto those you love and give thanks for today. Well.....David has arrived and its time to top those trees. This project is quite the undertaking for sure. Thankful he came by to do this and I could help. Hiring a tree trimmer would cost a ton. Okay this project is going to take more than today. Didn't even get one tree topped before the saw chain wanted to give out. Hey it was a great start. With that little adventure coming to an end Sherilynn Ganther and I decided to go for an afternoon walk. Need to get back on track with my walks for sure. Headed right over to the wetlands in Fairview. Loved the walk and the scenery. Then roamed around Target! And I didn't buy a thing. Then over to Fred Meyers and walked around there for a bit as well. Then a little chicken dinner. YUM! Thank you! A movie sounds good. 13 Going On 30. Today Lord I have so much to be thankful for, for the work that David and I are able to do ourselves on the house and property. Always for morning coffee. Getting out and going for a walk once again. Not spending any money while I was out. For being able to have fun just strolling around and taking photos and being silly! Thankful for treasures found and re-found. For laughter and friendship that is understanding. Thankful for gummie bear snacks and water. Thankful I wasn't as emotional today as I was yesterday. Thankful for so much more, and all the gifts and treasures that are here daily for me to find and enjoy. Thank you! Blessings

January 13~ Another night of tossing and turning. This should count as exercise. Good morning Saturday! Hey Sherilynn Ganther! Coffee and deep conversation. A little house cleaning.......refrigerator cleaned......thank you. Laundry done! Cleaned up some of the mess from the tree topping. Filled the yard debris can. Katherine Fischer Huston arrives. Time for hugs. Exchange of presents. Thank you! We head of to Lackamas Park in Camas Washington to hike over to the Woodburn Falls. So beautiful! Great walk around the park today. Sun shining and a heat wave of 57 today. Perfect day for a good walk about. Then a little shopping for a box for a bucket. Dinner at Olive garden with the ladies and Mary McCormick Loomis was able to join us. We are missing you so much Geo Sutter. Hurry and get well! Then home to glasses if wine and movies. Today Lord I'm thankful for sun shine a beautiful walk with friends. For hugs that just say I love you and you will not be alone. For another new snowman from Katherine, thank you. For Sheri driving on our adventures today. So thankful for another day to unwrap and write another page of my journey in life and gifts and beauty I've been blessed with. Thank you Lord! Blessings

January 14~ Good morning! House is full of friends this morning. Coffee is on and chatter and laughter has already started. Getting ready for a beach adventure. The morning over achievers Katherine Fischer Huston and Sherilynn Ganther are already before I have even gathered the days beach bags together. WOW! Okay ready to roll! Beautiful day.....glad to leave the east county winds behind. First stop McDonald's in Newberg for a quick breakfast. Then on the road heading towards fun in the sun. High tide in Lincoln City. We did walk on the beach and I played in the surf. Then to the Christmas Cottage. What an amazing store full of super cool Christmas decorations. Then we headed onto Depot Bay where we watched the blow horns. Incredible! Then a little whale watching at the observatory. Walked around and did a little window shopping. Then we went to Sheri's mom's for a lovely visit. Thank you Mrs. DeMarre for having us over. Then watching an incredible sunset at Little Whale Cove. What lovely host and home, really enjoyed our visit. Then dinner and our trip home. Some wine and origami to make our whale. Today Lord I'm thankful for for an amazing day of adventures with friends at the beach. Meeting Sheri's mom. Playing in the beach and watching the blow horns and seagulls. A beautiful hand painted sunset that burst just as we were getting ready to go. Thank you. Every turn a gift and a treasured memory wrapped in your love and blessings for me to hold and treasure. Thank you! Blessings