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Daily Journey

Saturday, September 23, 2017

September Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Three)


Changing Seasons!
 Of Leafy Blooms Of Beauty!

Fields Of Beauty!

September 17~ Good morning sister's, good morning Daniel and Gary. Time for me to find out road conditions to travel home. Talk to sisters, and called police department for safety. Thank goodness I84 westbound is open to pass. Load the car and get on the road early, conditions could change. Even driving through the fire zone there was still beauty smoldering through the smoke and burned hillsides.Thank you to the firefighters and all those who have worked so hard to preserve her beauty. Lord thank you for sending rain our way to help put out the fires. Home to be taken out for lunch. Thank you much appreciated. Time to unpack and wash a load of laundry. Autumn is in the air. Seeing the first signs of Autumn as the leaves start to give us their glorious rich colors. Cooler temperatures, the smell of the first rain of Autumn as the wind gently blows. Sweaters required for outdoor activities. Time to pack away the Summer wardrobe; no more shorts. Its time to pull out those jeans and hoodies. It was a good run with the Summer wardrobe....but now its time to say so long until next year. Though it wasn't long enough, Summer never is for me. Actually enjoying listening to the rain coming down. Yes Lord today I'm thankful for the rain, safe travels home, lunch out. For ears to hear, a nose to smell, eyes to see, and a heart to see the true beauty in all the gifts given each and everyday. Thankful for those working so hard to make I84 safe to open and all those fighting the the fires and working to make others safe. Grateful for the abundance in this day. Blessings

September 18~ Good morning Monday! Yep! I slept in until almost seven. Cool morning and raining, as its still dark as well. Summer slipped away from me sadly. I was praying she would stay and play a little bit longer.! Friday we will officially say good bye until next year. It was a good run this year......just not long enough for my liking. So I'm going to try real hard to interact with Fall and Winter this year. Not sure how well that will work.....but will give it a good try. Made it to my appointment this morning. Surprised with lets go to the gym. Why okay let's do this Sherilynn Ganther. Thank you for the encouragement. Then a trip to Zig Zag to gather information. Sad we didn't get a walk in. But .....there was a good reason for that. Sometimes when making plans and heading in another direction life throws a curve ball. I caught it. Feels like Pandora's box was opened. Funny how others junk sometimes lands in your yard. Well....that's when you pull up your big girl pants, put on a smile and show them what your really made of. Thankful for friends that were there to witness what actually transpired. Let the storm come.....because the truth will set me free. Time to celebrate cheeseburger day. So off to Local Cow for dinner. Thank you ladies! And licorice ice cream for dessert at icandy. Walk into the house and smell my very yummy soup I made today. Because soup on a rainy day warms the soul. So it will be tomorrow's perfect dinner. So thankful for sleeping in, hot showers, second set of ears and eyes today. My camera, a short trip on country roads. Though I'm not overly thrilled with the rain and cooler weather I'm grateful it's here to help with the fire's. Loving my rain jacket today. Much to be thankful for even in turmoil. Blessings

September 19~ Awww.....yes! Another morning snuggled tightly under my blankets until about seven this morning. Though it is time to rise and shine for the day. Coffee on, prayers, and yes layers for the day. You know Fall has arrived when you start layering your outfit for the day. Morning coffee and a haircut to start my day. Made some one's day a happy one. Glad I could bring a smile as I lowered your ears for you. Then some phone calls and appointments made. Still need to make an appointment to see the dentist....oh how I really don't like dentists at all. But needs to be done. Off and running once again to afternoon appointment. Always insightful! Early dinner, thankful for my soup on this cool rainy late afternoon. Sitting and listening to the pitter padder of the rain upon the roof. So thankful to see the puffy clouds in the sky free from smoke caused from the fires. Thankful for my morning phone call from my beautiful daughter Webber Heather this morning. Anytime I hear the voices of my daughter's or grandchildren is a good day. I love you all so very much. Thankful for another day to see the beauty you have blessed me with Lord. And the provisions of the day. As the sun sets upon another day I'm grateful to have been apart of this day you have blessed me with. Thank you! Blessings

September 20~ Good morning Wednesday smiles of beauty! So wanted to sleep in. Another restless night of tossing and turning. Truly am convinced sleep is over rated. Coffee and prayers required and necessary for the day ahead. WOW! Gas prices are sure climbing up again. Thankful for the funds. Sixteen on the books today. Four cancelled making for twelve happy smiling faces. Drive home was rainy with lightning. Then sat in driveway for forty five minutes as I waited for rain storm to pass; as it was coming down so hard. Smiles from Snap chat. Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like the rain. Laundry done for the week. Feet propped up. More appointments made. Why yes, I'd love to come over...I've missed you. A glass of wine, and time to catch up. Puppy time the best. Truly enjoyed seeing you. Missed you. And yes suggestive...made for great smiles in difficult situation. My prayers and love to you. Home to close another day. So thankful for my clients and the work I do, bringing smiles of beauty. Thankful for the puffy clouds and rain that passed through this afternoon. Even though I'd prefer warmer drier weather. The rain has such a cleansing fresh feel. For snap chat and laughter. For hot soup. A good bottle of wine with great company. Thank you for the smiles you brought me this evening. For two Mary Kay orders to be delivered tomorrow. For warm long john PJ's. Lord thank you for holding me up today in your strength. Thank you for your grace and mercy. Feeling extremely blessed and honored to share my life with so many amazing friends and family. Blessings

September 21~ Rise and shine to another day of promise. Would love to stay snuggled in my blankets of warmth. Truly Fall is in the air. Morning coffee and prayers as I get ready for the last day of Summer. It will be a jean day with a warm long sleeve blouse and sweater. Time to rush out the door for the first appointment of the day. We are here...but you are not! Okay now to find some fun since this appointment didn't hold. I will deliver my Mary Kay orders to the ladies this morning. Love seeing them smile with their bags of beauty. Okay Sherilynn Ganther, lets get some fun going on here. Lunch and a great hike out at Oxbow park.Yes this is where the camera took a poop on me.Where I could get some great photos and video. Well.....when we head to town it is off to Best Buy to see Steve my guru of my phone. Three and half hours later and 17000 photos. And yes your read that correct. My phone is empty of all the photos and videos ready to start a new collection. Invite out for a night out. Well.....this is something I haven't done in many years.Okay! Thank you AmyJune McClure for the invite. I had a great time. Today I'm thankful for cloudy skies with breaks of sunshine popping out. For Oxbow park being re-opened and for the wonderful Kendra who helped guide us to a wonderful place to hike in this park today. For a yummy lunch with my friend. For all kinds of creatures on the trails; from snakes to frogs, caterpillars, and little four legged creatures, birds in the air, and who knows what else. Colors of change is in the air. Beauty all around me to be so thankful for. For laughter that is deep down belly roaring. Yes Lord you bless me each day with treasures and gifts that are truly priceless. Thank you for another day of rich beauty filled in another chapter of my life. Blessings

September 22~ Ring, Ring, ring, Good morning Webber Heather! Are you sleeping mom? Yes! I was ...but not now! Don't you work today? No! Love you mom! I love you too! Always a good morning when you wake to phone calls from your children. Thank you Lord! Laying in bed because I'm cold and have nothing pressing to do today! Not feeling myself at all. Lots of pain. Working trying to figure out the darn hard drive with all my photos on it. I think I may have it figured out! YEA! Back to bed. It appears it is going to be a PJ day. Yes Rebecca Sherrett I'd love to come this evening. Thank you for the invite. Back to bed and more sleep and rest. looks like I'm sleeping the first day of Fall away. Must wish my brother a very Happy Birthday. I pray its the best yet Don. Sleep lots of it and playing on the computer. I guess some days just aren't worth moving around when your body is screaming at you. Thankful I can feel, even in the pain. Popcorn! I haven't had popcorn in a very long time. That sounds so good! Today Lord I'm thankful for my cozy warm bed. For the warmth of my blankets. Being able to doze off and on all day and sleep. For popcorn, and a TV to watch while I eat some of that popcorn. My little electric fireplace to take the chill off the house. Figuring out the hard drive to some degree and being able to share the photos from yesterdays adventure. Thankful to wake to my daughters phone call of love. Thank you for this restful day Lord that my body has needed. Blessings

September 23~ Good morning weekend! It's Saturday and I'm sleeping in. Yep under my cozy warm blankets. Cooler dark morning's make for sleeping in. Time to to brew a Saturday morning pot of coffee. Hot shower and morning prayers. What is on today's agenda. Ummmm......first things first. Lots of coffee, a little morning college football. Okay! Yes! I will meet you at the gym Sherilynn Ganther, as soon as I can break out of the house from morning guest. A nice little work out. That felt good. Wal-Mart adventure for a special box. Can hardly wait to mail it off. Beautiful day for a walk. Oh look I84 is open. We're going for a drive. I know all my trails and Falls are closed.....but Cascade Locks isn't. So off to play in the Gorge after a long stretch of being closed off. Though much still is closed to the public, it was wonderful to go down to Cascade Locks and play in the park; and have some ice cream. And to be able to thank some of the firefighters for all that they've done to save the Gorge, and put out the fire. Great team work, great job. So extremely grateful and thankful! For all that you ALL have done! Home to rest for tomorrow and all that is hidden in tomorrow's adventures. So thankful for coffee, hot shower, a gym membership, a trip to Wal-Mart for my special box. Amazingly happy and excited for the unexpected afternoon trip down I84. Thank you Lord for the re~opening. For fun in the park and the beautiful sunshine. Ice cream and friendship. Thankful Sheri could go with me on my unexpected drive. Yes! Praising the Lord for this day I have been blessed with. So much hidden in this day. So many gifts and treasures. Memories to hold a life time. Thankful to share my love of the Gorge an many of my haunts with my friends. So thankful that I'm able too. Blessings